Projecting the Cut Lines

If you hadn’t noticed, the 2019 NCAA DIII Championships Swimming Pre-Selection Entries list was posted on USA Swimming Yesterday (, scroll to the bottom and select Division III). Coaches have until 2 PM EST today to submit any errors for correction, and the final list will be posted on this page at some point once corrections have been made:

Tomorrow, at 10 AM, selections will officially be announced. The teams with more than 18 swimmers selected (Denison men) have until Noon to cut their selections down to 18, and the official swimming psych sheet will be then posted by 8 PM.

So, with the information we have, the all important question is this – where will the cut lines fall this year? Well, from our research, it looks like (this is key- none of this should be accepted as a sure thing just yet) Line 19 for all events for the women will be IN but nothing from Line 20, and on the men’s side, Line 15 for all events and a single individual event swimmer from Line 16. We’ll updated this post below if anything major changes.

2 thoughts on “Projecting the Cut Lines

    1. Not exactly sure of the details of it, but the general answer, Dawn, is less overlap. The Division III meet has a hard cap limit for both men and women, and for the women, it’s 319 individuals with 29 of those slots reserved for divers, meaning 290 swimmers. Apparently, this year there were more swimmers who had top-19 times in only one event as opposed to multiple and/or more swimmers who only qualified as individuals OR only on relays but not both. Hopefully that makes sense.


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